New ResourceMe Version

Finally I have launched a new version of ResourceMe. First you will see an optical difference. The design is now based on Twitter Bootstrap. But more important is what has changed internal and is visible to you, if you login. Any user with a login (WebID, Google , Facebook) can now reply to my blog posts. This is implemented in a very generic way. The TripleAccessControl ontology is used to describe which user can write new blog posts, which can reply to existing blog posts and which can just read them. Smarty is used to render the content. The buttons to open the forms for creating new data are dynamically enabled/disabled via JavaScript code. An Ajax interface is used to check whether a user has access to write the triples for the post or not. With little effort also other data can be handled.

WebID Tool

As side-product of the WebID test suite I've created a little tool, including a GUI, to generate WebID certificates and FOAF files. Till everybody has a ResourceMe instance running to manage WebIDs, this tool may be helpful.ScreenshotDownload

WebID Test

Finally I have integrated the WebID test into the ResourceMe homepage. Depending on the accept http header it will produce RDF/XML or RDFa output. Go to Applications ->WebID Test and check if my endpoint can validate your WebID.

New Homepage

Some people eat their own dog food, others drink their own champagne. We think dog food should be consumed in a type safe way and as we can't get enough of our stuff, drinking champagne would end in alcoholism. So we prefer eating our own kaviar. The ResourceMe homepage is also an example how easy it is to build semantic web enabled project page using this framework.